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United Way is focused on the building blocks for a good life – a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. With your help we can reignite a movement that is committed to creating opportunities for everyone.

With your support we can achieve these goals. Please consider giving to United Way through payroll deduction, a one-time gift, year-end giving plans and planned giving. Give as generously as you can – a gift to United Way is 100 percent tax deductible. If you or your company are interested in giving please email us or call us at (731) 422-1816. We would love to answer any questions you may have and can help you make a positive impact through giving in your community today! We all win when a child succeeds in school, when a family becomes financially stable and when people have good health. Join the 8,000 thousand people across West Tennessee that are a part of this dynamic movement. Give online now.





Community Impact Fund

Your investment matters. When you give to the United Way of West Tennessee, you are helping us drive real, measurable change in our communities; in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play. Your gift, combined with thousands of others, is a powerful investment in the best work happening achieving the best results. By investing in Education, Income, and Health, we’re bringing about real change in our communities.

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Please note that creating an account is an optional feature for you as a donor and is not required to make a donation. You may create or log in to your account to update your contact information, view giving history, download statements, edit payment methods, and view and edit your scheduled gifts. 

A How-To Guide for Charitable Giving

United Way understands the impact that charitable giving has on improving communities and helping individuals. United Way also understands how important it is to choose the right organization to donate your hard-earned dollars. As you prepare to make any type of charitable gift, we urge you to follow the simple guidelines below.

1. View Your Donation as an Investment. Any gift to a charity should be seen as an investment, and you want to invest in a charity that will make a major impact on its recipients while also giving you personal satisfaction. An investment approach to a particular group or cause will ensure a more meaningful experience for you.

2. Do Your Homework. When selecting where to give, it is important to gather all the facts. Conducting thorough research prior to giving will help you separate legitimate charities from frauds, as well as reassure you that your donation is truly helping those who need it most. To avoid fraudulent charities, make sure your chosen charity doesn’t engage in any of the following activities.

Ways to Impact the Community Through Giving to United Way

Workplace Campaigns
United Way of West Tennessee is proud of our partnerships with 341 workplaces across West Tennessee. This is the traditional and most popular way of giving to United Way. Employees are given the opportunity to donate to United Way either through payroll deduction or a one-time gift of cash or check. These donations fund Community Impact.

Corporate Giving
- Impact Donation
These gifts are made by a business, corporation or foundation and go directly to the local community to be invested during the Community Impact process. These gifts will fund agencies and programs throughout the community.
- Corporate Sponsorship
Corporate sponsorship of the United Way of West Tennessee make the organization more efficient and provide funding for more publicity for UWWT throughout West Tennessee. Corporate sponsorship of $1,000 or more will get their logo on our “Live United” T-Shirts, their logo and a link to their website on our UWWT website and recognition at our Annual Recognition Dinner.

Individual Giving
- Annual Gift
Individuals and professionals can also make donations to the Annual Campaign. Their donations will go to support the Community Impact Process and be invested into agencies and programs throughout their community.
- Memorial Gifts
Making a gift in memory of your loved one is another valuable way to benefit our community for generations to come. Even at the most sorrowful times in our own lives, a memorial gift can greatly impact the lives of others.

Planned Giving

Through the planned giving program, the United Way of West Tennessee seeks to educate donors about making lasting gifts to help those in need. Planned giving differs from United Way’s annual fund raising campaign in that donors are asked to give gifts of assets rather than income for long-term impact. These gifts will not only benefit the community, but may also provide significant tax and income advantages. Donors are advised to consult with their attorneys or other professional advisors in considering a planned gift to United Way of West Tennessee.
- Endowments
Gifts can be made to one of our endowments that range from trusts to underwrite future expenses of the organization to trusts that support and enhance the annual campaign contributions to local agencies and programs. A special endowment can be created if you wish to identify a special need to be assisted with your gift.
- Gifts of Securities
In making gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds, donors may realize a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the gift for tax purposes, while avoiding capital gains taxes.
- Bequests
Once donors have made provisions for family in their wills, they may wish to leave a specific amount, a percentage of the estate, or the residuum of the estate to United Way of West Tennessee or other charity.
- Life Insurance/Retirement Plan Proceeds
Donors may choose to make the United Way of West Tennessee the designated beneficiary of life insurance or retirement plan proceeds. Life insurance polices with built-up cash value can make convenient tax-deductible gifts.
- Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA) are one of the most popular forms of planned giving and can offer tax advantages as well as life income for the donor or a named income beneficiary. A CGA is a contract between the donor and issuing charity, in which the donor makes an irrevocable gift to the charity, and in return the charity pays the donor a fixed income for life. Upon the death of the donor, the amount remaining (residuum) goes to the charity.









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